Monday, November 14, 2005

I Don't get People Sometimes!

I Friggin don't get people sometimes. Just because sometimes I am not as frequent a poster as some, does that make me any less of an artist than others. I put peoples links on my personal blog out of common courtesy for putting my link on their blog. In some way as artists can unite and be connected and be inspired by each other., And then turnaround and they remove you because you are not as blog worthy to be on their list because lack of the daily updates. I'm sorry I don't frigging update on the daily but thats my friggin life. I am a pretty busy person and I'm sorry I cannot entertain the masses by posting all the time. So in turn, and me being a good Christian boy, I'll leave your links on my blog even without the complementary reach around. Also on that note, I dont care if your art is the poo, If someone says something nice about your artwork or drop you an email showing you some sort of gratitude for being so good, please people write back or respond with some sort of thank you. You dont have to be a dick just because you think your shiz smells like roses. Drop the egos A-Holes. Your only as good as your next drawing.


Rachel said...

You really have some anger issues...come-sing with me..."I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright! And I pity
Any girl who isn't me tonight"!!!!!

Edward said...

Im not angry and your a dork. Kidding!

Aileen said...

people can be so demanding...these people need to branch out and get one of those, what do you call them? feet? no, lives.

daily updates are too hard. some very popular blogs, such as and, do not update daily. they, like ourselves, are busy people.

btw, i totally recommend the "Steve, Don't Eat It" portion of the sneeze. it's hilarious and nauseating!

Dave Pryor said...

Hey Ed,

I keep my blog mainly for me. It motivates me to keep something artistic going, and yes, it is work to post each day, Sometimes I skip, and I'm sure as the months wayne on, I'll fall short at times. But for now, I think it's cool to have this journal of art history that maybe I can look back on someday and say "Hey! I remember doing that!"

Your Blog is yours, and I enjoy coming to see what you have (whenever you have it).

Take care,

Edward said...

Sorry If I did some venting yesterday, but I guess responding to the demands of people can really irratate me at times. Thanks Aileen, for the support and Dave, I really enjoy looking at your stuff, you have a great talent. You are right about this being my own and I shouldn't be affected by other artist. Maybe I'm just getting thrown off my artistic goals. I should be posting for me and no one else and if someone likes this crap, God help them! LOL.

Virginia Valle said...

Beautiful :)