Monday, November 07, 2005

Wow! Two Posts in One Day!

That may be a record folks, actually having two posts in one day. You've out done yourself ol' boy. Reward yourself with some cake. Yum! By the way this is the tragic Greek Mythological character Daedalus.


Aileen said...

are you aware you just drew Treat William's head?

Rachel said...

You want some sooda...hmmmm...maybe, maybe alittle bit of caaake...hmmmm...Your doingg Goooood....oh damit i tried!!!!

Edward said...

Hey Aileen, no I hadn't realized it, not a big Everwood fan but he was cool in the Substitute sequals.
Very Funny, Stewart Gilligan Griffin.

Dave Pryor said...

Hey Edward,

Nice posts lately - looks like you're having fun!

I especially like the fat faced guy in the post below - nice shapes, lineweight, and expression.


Edward said...

Thanks Dave, always having fun drawing. Your compliments and everyones compliments mean alot.

Mark McDonnell said...

Nice shapes man. Very nice work.