Thursday, March 30, 2006

California or Bust!

Looks like I'm heading on the road this time next week. Heading out from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, for this two day seminar on Flash 8 Character Animation Chris Georgenes, Friday and Saturday, April 7 and 8. It should be a great learning experience and a good excuse to go to L.A. for a little while. So if anyone is attending this next week, feel free to give me a hollar. Hopefully, I have time to stop by and see my old buddies at Animax. I better start practicing my gang signs*. Word.

*note: In no way, am I affiliated with the Crips or the Bloods and in no way condone the organization or the violence associated with gang activity. Peace in the Middle East!:P


Wynne Chen said...

R u going to the character animation class?! Cool!! pass the the notes!!
I am moving back to Canada this Sunday. I guess I won't see u..take care!!
P.S I did make those dolls. Andres asked me about it.

St John Street said...

Hey Bro what going on haven't seen you around glad to see your still bloggin I hope the fam is ok well take care !!! nice pic always wanted to go there.

Jason said...

Sup, dog? I tried to arrange to go to the course last minute, but once I realized how soon it was I couldn't rearrange my commitments. Yeah, pass the notes. I wrote back and forth to Chris a few times. Great guy. Have a good time and be safe!

St John Street said...

Thanks for the drop in bro gald to see you still like the work hope the work and fam are kool take care bro!!

Zanadu said...

Hey if your in Cali come down to San Marcos and come see my new apartment..We are still getting settled but I would love to see you...Hugs

Brasco11 said...


boob said...

Hey Ed -
I work out in Chicago in Smokin' Goose. Steve has left us *sob*

Some nice stuff ya got up here. Dig the boxer and the goblin guy (especially his hands!)

Hope the Flash seminar was worth while. The Chris Georgiano guy has quite a few flash tricks.