Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Guess the Celebrity!

Haven't done a carcature in a long time! Can you guess who this actress is?

Looking at this drawing from last night, I think I could of pushed it and exaggerated even further!
-the next morning at work


Aileen said...

hey is that uuuuma?

uma uma bo buma, banana fana fo fuma, me my mo muma, uma!

Edward said...

Congrats Aileen!!! You are the winner! You have just won Nothing! You can pick up your prize in Hay-ell!

Serapio Calm said...

Lovely Uma! Keep them caricatures rockin!

Dilly Dilly said...

That's a good one Ed! I got it right away!

Edward said...

Thanks you guys for the nice comments. I'd say caracatures are kinda challenge. You really gotta figure out the essence of each person and capture it on paper.

Steam said...

Looks great. I knew exactly who it was instantly. Nice.