Thursday, August 24, 2006

Can U Dig it!?

Here's something I posted for The Outsider Art Club this week.


Aileen said...

LOLOL that is sooooo funny!! I love that the pickle phobia lady inspired you.

And I love that one pickle has bottles on its fingers.

I'll be laughing all day about this

Andres Calzada said...

Those pickles remind me of those veggie tale guys. I like the mime. way ta'go ed.

Jason said...

Sup, bro. Have you met my co-worker gone WMS yet? Oscar Carillo, Simon's friend. He's a great guy.

Dude, I saw the pickle girl. Feel sorry for the guy she marries (wink, wink,...get it?). I love the mime pickle. Can you animate him in an invisible box?

So now there you''ve joined the Outsider Art Club, you want me posting here or there? (which would you prefer...)

Take it easy, and when the hay-ell we gonna hang out. I gots-ta introduce my gal to your gal.

Peace, brother.

Jarrett said...

those are some accomplished pickles! mine just sit there!