Friday, March 23, 2007

MISSING: One can of Diet Sierra Mist

Today at lunch I went to get my Eggplant parmagiana and Diet Sierra Mist from the fridge at work and come to find out someone actually opened my bag and took my soda. Now what stupid dumb piece of poop would do such a thing? I know we live in a world of hard times and all, but I'm sure everyone here at work makes enough not to steal. And to actually go into somebody's bag to take a can of soda, I am really at a lost for words. Anyways, to the (Edited) that took my soda. Enjoy! I hope you choke on a syringe!

Can You Find Me?


Aileen said...

Isn't it sad when people steal lunch? You should put a poison can of soda filled with Drano in the fridge and see who ends up screaming and running up and down the halls with no esophagus.

Jason said...

I agree with Aileen. I'd love to see that person's panicked face when they realize that yes, stealing will result in the painful and unexpected grotesque deformation of their throat. Thou Shalt Not Steal.....Ed's icy cold beverage.

Donnie said...

That's just sad!! I would have walked cube to cube looking for that delicatable piece of refreshment and once I had found that bastard I probably would have said....................Nothing. (You slash his tires on his huffy instead)... Word!!!!

E said...

WHAT! That is so much crap! And you wonder why I only bring in wheatgerm-soy shakes and tubs of firm tofu. But Drano's not a bad idea either...

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