Monday, July 23, 2007

Updates on the Shiz! (No Art!)... Well a little Tattoo Related Stuff.

Sorry on my lack of posting as of lately. Just been busy as of late. Anyways here are the updates:
The Mrs, the baby and I had planned on making a trip to Comic-Con on Saturday but unfortunately WWE Raw was making its mark on Las Vegas on the very same day we were planning to go. I guess you would say we are pretty big fans and Comic Con is a yearly event and wrestling never tours here. So decisions were made and Comic COn got the thumbs down. I know, BLASPHEMY!!! Besides, I know I would of spent Waaayy too much money at the Con. I'll post our pics from ringside.

Also here are some new pics! Sorry ma! Got a few more.

Sleeve started over a year ago with Dragon.

And finally this week, I am playing the role of Mr. Mom. Rachel is attending a conference in Anaheim for work and she will be gone all week. So its just me and the kid and pups taking care of business around the house for a while. Should be interesting.