Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Joanna es muy Caliente!!!

Got inspired to do a pinup. Adobe Photoshop blah blah blah.


Anonymous said...

Your inspiration for your pin up masterpiece must have been the round tushed Kim Kardashian and the bountiful dancer buns of J. LO. This lady could crack walnuts between her gluteus maximus muscles. She is the embodiment of all the muscled vixens produced by the illustrious Boris Vallejo. She is really built and stacked. I like the delicate beauty of her facial features and black hair. She is a quandary of thought. Few women look that way artististically . You did her with your mouse? That’s dam good artwork. I use to love watching Xina Warrior Princess because she was an Amazon warrior bigger than life. Checking further down your site I can see more wonderful types of art from magnificent women to brazenly muscled characters like the infamous Conan. I have to add that the concept creatures were incredibly creative. I enjoyed my trip to your website immensely. Keep up your amazing thoughts and fevered imagination. Good job!

Edward said...

Thanks for the kind words "Anonymous". Always appreciated!