Friday, September 29, 2006

Check out this cool dude!

Well, I finally recieved my emmy in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Just never got a chance to post it on my blog. I didn't even have to sign for it, they just left in on my doorstep. Thanks alot UPS. Really cool to have recieved one though. Its a very great honor. Still can't get over it. Now it can be praised and adorned in all its glory on top of my refrigerator. Check out my good friend Andy pimpin' his golden lady!


EFilippone said...

That's freakin awesome, dude!

Jason said...

Holy poopness! Are you going to sleep with it under your pillow? Does it have a chocolate center? Really, that's quite the acheivement. Congrats. Is there a way to see the work that it's based on? We gots to hook up one-a-deez-dayz!!!
How's the baby. We got back from Disneyland last night. My 'lil gal is a FAN of the merry-go-round. Can't get 'nuff. Peace, brutha.

Dave Pryor said...

And there it is! You look like a proud poppa! I just hope your daughter doesn't get jealous! ;)

Awesome Ed!

Andres Calzada said...

Dear Ed,
"I admire you. You do good work."

Nice bro, make sure to put it in the holiest of places...
above the toilet. But seriously good work man you earned it.

Alina Chau said...