Friday, October 13, 2006

Hip Hip HooRA...Its my Birthday!/ Friday the 13th

"Time to cut the cake!"

Today is my birthday. It is also Friday the 13th! Today I am 29 years old. Almost 30 can you believe it. Remember when 30 seemed so old. Jason remembers those days.

"Yeah, I Remember those days!,"exclaimed Young Jason Voorhees.


Aileen said...

YYYYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY it's your birthday! Happy birthday!!!!!

your present will be late.

I am sorry.

Rachel said...

Hey he has a big head kidding-I hope your birthday is a fun and scarrry one!!!!!

boob said...

Have a slice of brains for me!

Andres Calzada said...

Happy birthday homie. Did you get a cake from Goldielocks? mmmm.... goldielocks. Have a great weekend man.