Friday, June 01, 2007

BIG Sketch Dump from the New Sketchbook!

Finally a sketchbook I feel pretty comfortable drawing in. Here's a few tidbits. Enjoy!

Cover of the New Sketchbook.

Of course my favorite drawing subject, "Heads"

Some of these guys sure are fugly!


E said...

You Rock! I, however, suck more ass than an colon-cleaning machine at a proctologist convention.

Yep, I suck that bad.

But these sketches are great. Maybe if I buy me-self a new sketchbook I'll actually draw.

Probably not.

Allie said...

Oh they are fugly in the most beautiful way! Love them!

boob said...

You're not holdin' back on the blue col-erase! Whole pages are covered in it! Very cool.

Kei Phillips said...

wonderful sketches, so much detail! very good. :D

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